Cor 2 Notifications (2014/2)

1. Introduction

1.1 This Practice note is intended to give guidance to Coroners in respect of the application of section 24 relating to significant matters and sections 63 and 64 when a Coroner has come to a conclusion that no formal Inquest is required nor a hearing on papers and an Inquiry will not be opened (the form currently used for this being the Cor 2- specimen attached(external link)).

1.2 This procedure is most appropriately used where an Investigation has been commenced and  after post mortem results are available, and after applying the criteria of section 63 (in particular that the cause of death is a natural one) a Coroner reaches the conclusion in paragraph 1.1.

1.3 Immediate family and others recognised in section 23 must be given advance notice of the intention of the Coroner to not open an inquiry and a reasoned decision showing the process by which the Coroner reached that conclusion must be made and documented. The purpose of advance notice is to enable those persons to draw to the attention of the Coroner factors or concerns which the Coroner may be unaware of, and the reasoned decision is to enable any future enquirer to ascertain what decision was made and why.

1.4 Generally this procedure is not appropriate for a violent or unnatural death with the more appropriate procedure being either a hearing on the papers or application of section 70 by either a Cor 9 or Cor10 (specimen attached).

Judge Neil MacLean
Chief Coroner
Date: 23 July 2014

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