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On this page, media organisations can find information to help them understand their role in the coronial process.

General information for media in the Coroners Court

The media can watch and report on most court and tribunal hearings in Aotearoa New Zealand, including in the Coroners Court. This is part of New Zealand having an open and transparent justice system.

Read our media guidelines

The Coroners Court has its own media application form:

Coroners Court in-court media application form(external link)

Coronial Services is committed to a professional and positive relationship with the news and print media because we appreciate the role they play in increasing the understanding of the work of the coroners, and in educating the public on the lessons learned from individual deaths that arise from coroners’ findings and recommendations.

News and print media are welcome to attend hearings that are part of the inquiry and can expect to receive notification of upcoming inquests and should have findings released to them when available.

However, there will sometimes be restrictions on coverage in court depending on the case and applications, which the coroner will announce at the start of the inquiry.

Media reference guide on the coronial process [PDF, 297 KB]

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Coroners speaking to the media

Like other judicial officers, coroners don't usually speak to media about the individual cases they manage or the findings they issue.

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Guidance for reporting on the masjid attacks

The Mental Health Foundation has published helpful guidance to support media when reporting in relation to the masjid attacks:

Canterbury Terrorist Event - Media Guidelines(external link)

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Press releases and media advisories

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