Legal aid

Legal aid funding is available for the masjidain attack coronial Inquiry. Legal aid is government funding used to help people pay for a lawyer. The lawyer works for you, so they will act independently for you and are bound by the usual lawyer-client confidentiality rules.

You can also choose which lawyer you want to use, and you can change lawyers if you would like.

Legal aid is free for families of the deceased, victims of gunshot wounds, and witnesses present at the masjidain who are approved Interested Parties. Other approved Interested Parties who are individuals can also apply for legal aid, but may need to pay some of the legal aid back. This will depend on your financial circumstances. More information on Interested Party status is available on the interested parties webpage.

Legal aid is not available for organisations.

Finding a lawyer to represent you

If you would like a lawyer to represent you through the coronial Inquiry, you can find:

Make sure you speak to the lawyer about whether they are available to represent you and how to apply for legal aid.

You can find some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about legal aid.